Success Stories

Real People, Real Result

Lewis lost 24 kg in 16 weeks to step onstage for his competition in IFBB Taiwan
Sonia put in 9 months of hard works for her debut show. It paid off with her wins in 2 categories that she competed.
It was not an easy process for Kam to make this transformation. It took 2 years for him to change his habits and develop his fitness routine to see the changes
Sze has been consistently putting effort into his health for many years. He definitely knows the value of playing the long game.
This is an 8 weeks transformation for Isaac
Ret learned to do the right things over a period of months. He still got the six packs these days, after this transformation in 2014.
Abi is my very first client in my fitness career. This transformation took about 6 months. Even though she is no longer train with me, she still looking great as a mother these days.