About Me

I am very goal-driven. Ever since I started training in 1999, I have ventured into many different kinds of fitness adventures. Some highlights include:

– Gaining 12kg from 44kg to 56kg in less than a year before my 19th birthday months after my recovery from Anemia.

– Did bodyweight workout at home for 3 years. Hence, I do have a decent pushup strength.

– Became a running enthusiast for at least 2 years but never long distance.

– Tried to bulk up but ended up borderline obese. After that, I lost 22kg from 94kg to 72kg in 10 months.

– Started my career as a fitness coach in 2012.

– Followed a Keto diet for 2 years.

– Did a Spartan Race but it was not my thing.

– Addicted to Crossfit for 4 years. Did 2 local Crossfit competitions.

– Competed in 4 competition as Male Fitness Competitor with 2 Bodybuilding Federations in Australia (ANB and WBFF) and 1 Bodybuilding Federation in Asia (WBFF Asia).

– Coached competitors for bodybuilding shows of 3 Bodybuilding Federation (ANB and ICN in Australia, IFBB in Asia).

– Fell in love with Powerlifting.

– Working to increase my Pull Up strength to do Pull Up with an additional 60kg for my first Pull Up competition as a Master Athlete.

– Coached many clients to reach their fitness goals. See Success Stories for their transformations.

– That was a handful of my fitness adventures. Of course, I am also a certified trainer in Australia and a Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach. I am totally qualified to write a training plan for clients and do nutrition coaching, not just someone with six-packs who sells training plan even though I am quite proud of my six-packs.